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Hall Current Sensor HIEM-NC-151-100

Electrical Data

TYPE  HIEM-NC   -151-100
parameter sign
Primary nominal (r.m.s. current) IPN 25A
Primary current measuring range IP 0~ ±50A
Secondary nominal RMS current ISN 25mA±0.5% at IPN
Supply voltage VC ±12V~±15V DC    ±5%
Zero offset current @IPN =0, TA = 25°C I0 ±0.15mA at IPN   =F.S
Thermal drift of offset current @IPN =0 I0T ±0.6Ma Max
Linearity of VSN at IPN =F.S εL ±0.20% of ISN   at IPN =F.S
Response time Tr 1μs Max
R.m.s. voltage for AC isolation test  Vd  3KV/50Hz or 60Hz/1min
Frequency bandwidth f DC-200KHz
Load resistance RL 50~360Ω
Ambient operating temperature Ta -10~+80°C      E:-40~+85°C
Ambient storage temperature Ts -25~+85°C        E:-45~+105°C

Dimension (mm)


  1. Closed loop (compensated) multirange current sensor using the Hall effect
  2. High accuracy
  3. Very low temperature drift
  4. Wide frequency bandwidth
  5. High immunity to external interference


  1. AC variable speed drives and serve motor drives
  2. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  3. Battery supplied applications
  4. Power supplies for welding applications

Connection diagram